Information for Carers

Are You a Carer?

Are you a carer or cared for? Do you care for someone who could not manage without you or are you someone that is cared for?

It is important that carers stay as fit and healthy as possible. We want to help carers however we can only do this if you let us know you are a carer and register yourself as a carer using the Carer Registration Form (see below).

Under NHS regulations all GPs are required to compile a register of carers. This identifies carers and their needs so that support can be offered when needed if you care for a relative, friend or neighbour who is dependent on that help. The person being cared for may be handicapped, have a debilitating physical or mental illness or be in frail health and can be any age.

Register with us as a Carer

We may be able to help you and ensure that your own health needs are met in the most appropriate way. To do this please register with us as a carer:

Health Checks and Flu Immunisations

Our clinical lead is Dr Sekeram supported by a team of carer’s leads behind reception (Kirsty and Rafi). We offer health checks and flu immunisations for carer’s and are given a health action plan after your health check.

We offer learning disabilities health checks. The clinical lead is Dr Sellappah Ganesaratnam. Please call the practice to book in for a double appointment to have this done. See Carer's Support Merton for further advice and support is

We want to know if you are a young carer (under 18) or are caring for someone with learning difficulties or mental health issues.

Carers Support Merton

Carers Support Merton (CSM) is a well established and respected charity in the London Borough of Merton with an ambitious development programme of work to support promote and improve the quality of life of unpaid carers from the age of 5 years.


Carers Guide on the NHS Website

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill?  If so you are a Carer.  We are interested in identifying carers, especially those people who may be caring without help or support.  We know that carers are often "hidden" looking after a family member or helping a friend or neighbour with day to day tasks and may not see themselves as a carer.

We feel that caring for someone is an important and valuable role in the community, which is often a 24-hour job that can be very demanding and isolating for the carer. We further believe carers should receive appropriate support by way of access to accurate information on a range of topics such as entitlement  to benefits and respite care and not least, a listening ear when things get too much.

As a carer, you are also entitled to have your needs assessed by Adult Care Services. A Carer's Assessment is a chance to talk about your needs as a carer and the possible ways help could be given. It also look at the needs of the person you care for.  This could be done separately, or together depending on the situation. There is no charge for an assessment.

If you are a carer, this is an opportunity to let the practice know so that we can update our records and pass on your details to Social Services who can provide relevant information and advice, local support services, newsletter and telephone link-line.  We can also refer you to Adult Care Services for a carer's assessment.  

Contact Carers Direct: Telephone: 0808 802 0202

Helpline information: